Located on the eastern edge of the town of Barbate, at the foot of the route of the bull and with a population of approximately 1,000 inhabitants, their name is due to its maritime past and tuna, which is performed with the famous traps (art fishing of the oldest of mankind).


Localización de El Jibbah

Is endowed with hotels, apartments with gardens and a campsite on the beach. Its quality landscape and tourism have become a coveted spot for tourists in northern and central Europe.

Ideal location for the practice of outdoor sports, fishing, diving, windsurfing, sailing and horseback riding. Not forgetting the rich gastronomy.

Mapa Provincia de Cádiz - El Jibbah

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The resort Atlanterra, considered high level, extends along the slopes of climbing out of silver. Houses and neighborhoods on the beachfront, along with two four-star hotels of the municipality of Tarifa has led many professionals in the hotel industry to qualify as the quiet seaside resort of the entire Iberian Peninsula.


It retains one of the last great beaches of Andalusia without large urban assault. The beach is about 8 km long and is sandy. Its location, away from the movement, and optimal storage conditions have made concerning first-class tourist, tourism and seasonal home to luxury to the area called Zahara, now belonging to Tarifa. From the beach enjoying a stupendous view of the African coast.

Located southwest of the province, along the Strait of Gibraltar and 70 km from Cadiz City.


Zahara lives on tourism, although this is the season, almost exclusively. Anyway there is still a certain amount of fishermen engaged in tuna fishing in early summer (period of migration of this species). The tuna that is caught is of very great quality and is usually for the Japanese market and less local consumption.


The population census in 2008 had 1,300 inhabitants, although in the summer can exceed 40,000 due to the influx of tourism.


The cuisine is based at sea, especially in tuna from traps.


One of the main charms of Zahara de los Atunes is its beach, which is not surprising, since you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset and see clearly the African continent.

Its more than 7 km in length of fine golden sand, accompanied by crystal clear waters that stretch from the village of Zahara de los Atunes to Cape Grace, covering the entire core and Zahara and Atlanterra. As if this were not enough, is one of the few places where the green blends nature with the blue sea.

It is notable for its personality beach called Cabo de la Plata by zahareños "Beach of the Germans," entirely free of tourist infrastructure. Overlooking the beach is the Lighthouse Camarinal or "Light of Grace" which was built on a beacon tower of the sixteenth century and inaugurated in 1989. From there you can see the beach Cañuelo about 500 meters long located on military land in the Nature of the Strait.

Zahara Other beaches are: Playa de Canillo and Pajares also in military ground towards Barbate and the beach of Zahara de los Atunes and Zahara, in the most built-called Zahara.