Graciela is the person responsible for administering the Equestrian Center The Jibbah. Since childhood he has excited the contact with nature, countryside and animals. So much so that after studying biology at the University of Seville headed this enclave on the coast of Cadiz, the point of birds to Africa and Europe and near the Natural Park of the Strait of newly constitution.

Graciela - El Jibbah
Graciela - El Jibbah Graciela - El Jibbah

The horses are her life and contact with them is always very intense. Such is the concern that in 2005 founded the Equestrian Center The Jibbah, a place to enjoy their passion and put your knowledge of this world available to all who want to learn. It is defined as self-taught, demonstrated extensive knowledge and passion for riding horses. Treated with care and not a day that can pass without a walk with one.


Guillermo - El Jibbah Guillermo Montando - El Jibbah Guillermo - El Jibbah

Guillermo is responsible for maintaining roads and horses. Argentina, came to Europe with an Irish polo team. After a brief stay in Ireland took off to Spain and came to this area by chance. He so impressed by the surroundings, the beach, fine sand and Zahara people soon adopted it as their home. Share this hobby in his spare time with surfing, it is not uncommon to see winter catching waves at the Playa del Carmen.

He is responsible for maintaining roads and horses and boxes. Both routes along the beach and by the field leads the group and knows the limitations of each rider adapting step depending on the level of the leading group.