Another alternative for those interested in agriculture and livestock, is leaving the Cortijo and head towards the surrounding fields.

During the walk, you can delight with the fauna and flora of the area. Among the crops and there are more natural in this area we can see sunflowers, sorghum, wheat, beet, his, cacti and various Mediterranean shrubs.

All these plants and flowers in spring field stained different shades and colors that make up a bucolic landscape.

While travelers discover the wildlife that lives in these areas, from fighting bulls, cows, sheep, horses ... as well as numerous birds such as partridges, pigeons, gulls, vultures and storks.

When one enters the field also has the ability to see up close and curious new wind farms, which are so popular and which are growing at breakneck pace throughout the area.


Duration: 7 hours (minimum 4 people)

Winter and spring are the times best suited to carry out this trip. The output is usually early, about 10:00 in the morning from the Cortijo de Quebrantanichos. Traveling through the various trails in the area and the wind farm will reach the small village of Almarchal.

Following Cortijos between fields and the area, reached the foot of the Sierra de la Plata and bordering our route and we enjoy the indigenous flora and fauna.

Some of the animals that can see through these places are the foxes, partridges, pigeons, vultures, short-toed eagles, mongooses jinetas ... among others.

Little by little we are moving away from the mountains and into the farms where it has been going through several wild herds. View these brave animals pasturing in freedom is an unforgettable experience.

On reaching the road, the route follows a tunnel that runs through it, so you can reach the foot of the mountain where the village of Facinas. It is precisely here where the "Ventorillo The Kid", a typical place where you can taste the specialties of the area, cooked to delight the most discerning palates.

After a stop for a snack in the Ventorrillo, follows the route back to Zahara.