Horse Routes on the Beach

It is a path of varying lengths (one to three hours), depending on customer's request. The tour starts at the Cortijo de Quebrantanichos, where are located the equestrian center, and goes to the beach of Zahara de los Atunes.

Ruta Playa Zahara - El Jibbah Ruta Playa Zahara - El Jibbah Ruta Playa Zahara - El Jibbah Ruta Playa Zahara - El Jibbah

Undoubtedly, one of the main natural resources of the province and Zahara are its beaches, and if anything can boast this corner of Andalucia is its stunning beach 12 km. long, fine white sand and clear waters.

On the way one enjoys all the charms for which this area is known on the coast:

  • Arenales several miles.
  • A dune with a flora and fauna with high diversity.
  • Lovers of water sports as fashionable as windsurfing or kitesurfing.
  • The mythical ancient fishermen and their fishing techniques and the net.

After the tour of the beach of Zahara, the road to advance in the village for the historic "Jadraza Palace. Ancient fortress and residence of the Dukes of Medina, who served as a warehouse and factory of salted fish, tuna harvest in the legendary collection traps. The Tuna was brought directly from the sea to this site and it was here that he cut with the legendary Ronqueo technique, then put it in brine. Tuna and all its derivatives were the golden era.

Traveling through the walls and arches are the same, it seems like when transplanted to another world. The route follows some streets of the town to return to the Cortijo.