Possibly Cadiz Spanish province where the horse is better adapted to a natural environment where the equestrian tradition is manifested by a greater force. The result of this rootedness horse, whose history should be sought in the magical Lakshmi culture that flourished in those parts, are the enormous activities related to the horse world that this country offers to visitors. Whether with the horse as the star of sports competitions, in entertainment or as an element in the practice of riding in its different facets, the opportunities are vast thoroughbred racing in Cadiz.



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Currently the most common horse in the field is called cross Cadiz, with three of its fundamental basic types: the Spanish, Arabic and English, with their crosses and genetic combinations according qualities and functionalities. Among them is the Hispano, with its beauty, strength, endurance and nobility, regarded as the prototype of the Andalusian horse.

In Medina Sidonia, The Alburejos farm where the famous cattle thrives brava Torrestrella iron, owned by Álvaro Domecq, offers a complete spectacle of harassment and demolition, dressage exhibition at groping Square carousels and Doma Vaquera. Caballares exhibition programs, with the added knowledge of their breeding, dressage, care, repairs and rigging, are offered by virtually all rural Cadiz.