Historically, the bull was in Andalusia, as in other Mediterranean regions and totemic sacred significance usually associated with force and virility. This relationship of our forefathers with the bull would be the origin of sacred rites and entertainment and popular entertainment, widespread throughout the Greek and Roman civilizations, which could well venture to regard as ancient history of "bullfighting" modern.


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Currently, the field of Cadiz, where he also thrives bull breed "Retinta" so prized meat, how much over thirty herds of fighting bulls, making this province one of the most Andalusian bullfighting in Spain. In the pastures and meadows graze gaditanos bull "caste Andalusia", heir of the legendary "Countess", "Cabrera" and "vazqueños" which in the eighteenth century, achieved its characteristics match the requirements of the new "lots "introduced by the bullfighting on foot.

Bull Route in the province of Cadiz is an invitation to approach the knowledge of the life of this animal in its natural selection and the work that still retain the bull race and special features of strength, aggressiveness, fine appearance and noble that define each of the "irons" because it must be remembered that the bull is not unique, but there are as many as ranchers.

A privileged place to visit.