Located at the southernmost tip of Europe, by the sea, just 14 km from the coast of Africa. and to 22 of the Ruins of Bolonia.

Tarifa is one of the most touristic villages of the province of Cadiz, due mainly to frequent winds of "east" and "west" which has turned this beautiful city on international appeal for windsurfing

Arab structure, with narrow streets, surrounded by walls, nevertheless retains the most genuine customs and traditions of Andalusian villages.

Tarifa is Phoenician and Roman origins, its present name comes from the Berber leader Tarik Ben Malek, who came to this land, through the Strait of Gibraltar in 710. Historically it is the feat of D. Alonso Perez de Guzman (known as Guzmán El Bueno), the fact that most excels in Tarifa, for his heroic defense of the city against Arab troops. He preferred to sacrifice his son before turning the place.

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Webcam Tarifa Beach

There are beautiful beaches of fine white sand, almost wild. Its clear waters are also ideal for underwater fishing by boat or from land.

Outstanding beaches:
- Los Lances
- Punta Paloma
- Bolonia
- Cabo de Plata Beach (Zahara de los Atunes)