El Estrecho Natural Park


  • Statement: 2003.
  • Protected area (ha): 18,931, - of which 9247, - are marine.
  • Country: Spain.
  • Autonomous Community: Andalusia.
  • Province: Cadiz.
  • Towns: Algeciras and Tarifa.
  • Pictures of protection embedded in the space:
  1. Paraje Natural Playa de los Lances (1989).
  2. Natural Monument Bolonia Dune (2001).

Vistas de África - El Jibbah

Ruinas de Baelo Claudia - El Jibbah

The Joint Archaeological Baelo Claudia, declared National Historical Monument, is at the heart of historic and artistic heritage of the Park. This ancient Roman city factory is extraordinary for several reasons: its ideal location, its condition, size, the potential for knowledge-research and production of old urban structures and its tourism potential.

The Strait area has a unique cultural value as a historical stage of relations between the European and the African continent and for being a key location in the cultural transitions between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. There are a number of archaeological and artistic heritage and ethnographic features a wide variety of styles that have come to constitute the hallmarks of Andalusia.

Faro del Camarinal - El Jibbah

Within the Nature Park has so far recorded the presence of some 30 caves with rock art manifestations and that in most cases are identified by schematic paintings.

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